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Life Way In Transit

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Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe does incredible justice to the Faust myth in his own Dr. Faustus. Dr. Faustus is a poem (blank verse, unrhymed iambic pentameter) about a learned, intellectual, German scholar who sells his soul to the devil in effort to gain ultimate wisdom and the ultimate power accompanying it. This ultimate wisdom […]

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There is no shortage of big and small talk regarding “apocalyptic themes,” “end times scenarios,” and the “anti-Christ” in North American Christian circles. It is an interesting phenomenon, to say the least. Perhaps Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins have something to do with it? Maybe it is all of those late night Cable TV […]

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The move is over, for the most part. We are settled into our new digs. It is good. I am happy and tired. Now, a few important updates for readers:
Updates Concerning the weblog
I took the entire day to recover from the physical and mental stress incurred in our move out of seminary housing. How did […]

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We are still in the process of moving all of our earthly belongings into our new nest. I sincerely detest - no I hate - moving. I’ll hire a moving company next time; I’m too old for this ridiculousness. I’ll be fairly quiet on the blog until we are settled into our new house. Why […]

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We will be joyfully busy for the next few days moving out of seminary housing. We have a great place in the city. We are loving it! Once the relocation is complete, the IMG Mission will be shifted into high gear. It’s exciting. So is my new mode of urban transportation, as seen below:

My bike […]

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Transsexual Minister in Baltimore is Approved by the United Methodist Church: “The United Methodist bishop of the Baltimore-Washington Conference has reappointed a female minister who underwent a sex-change operation and now goes by the name of ‘Drew Phoenix.’ Ann Gordon, aka ‘Drew Phoenix,’ is the first openly transsexual minister in the United Methodist Church and […]

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When do honest attempts at incarnational relationships morph into cheap religious pluralism and/or spiritual syncretism (both are very different from deep inter-faith conversation, which is something I support with all of my being)? I’ll have nothing to do with cheap religious pluralism, spiritual syncretism, and/or reckless appropriation in the name of an increasingly thin and […]

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My wife and I just watched Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto. Gibson is a master storyteller and director. Astounding!
Update & Suggestion: Watch The Passion of the Christ again and tell me, what theory of atonement is represented? Many flippantly cite Penal Substitution, but I’m not sure why. I see Christus Victor all over the film. I think […]

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I used to challenge the thinking of nominal believers during my undergraduate studies in theology by asking them a few pretty serious questions about the Jesus they so easily called lord and savior. One of the most challenging questions I asked a choice few of these individuals had to do with surnames and identification […]

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The Holy Observer publishes a piece of classic satirical genius re: the Emerging Church: Frightened Black Family Flees Emergent Church. So, I must ask, is the Emerging Church mostly full of crazy white people?