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A daily and evolving almanac of pithy religious sayings.


  • 40. Gravity, according to a theory postulated by the Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, Sir Roger Penrose, is responsible for the frustrating inability of quantum objects - such as human beings - to materialize in two separate places simultaneously. In case you are wondering, in the subatomic world, individual photons, electrons, atoms, and molecules have been placed in two or more separate places simultaneously. That’s right, an individual atom and and individual molecule occupied numerous locations at the same time. Weird, you bet it is! 1 #
  • 39. People meet God everyday, in common everyday events. How many actually notice him is the question. 0 #
  • 38. So, if Jesus was mere man, rather than Incarnate God and Savior, then what need do you have of him? So, if Jesus did not literally die for your sins, and rise from the dead, then what should you have to do with Christianity? It is upon these things that Christianity was - and still is - founded. Today, many, many people try to claim Jesus and Christianity while simultaneously ignoring the historical foundations of the faith. Why? I honesty do not know why this is so. Christianity is a creedal religion all its own, historically speaking. Religious progressives and liberals should stop leading people astray and just go the whole way and publicly claim whatever it is they are in reality becoming (as the apostle suggested to others in a similar contextual situation in Galatians 5:12). I would rather - and I do pray - they all just come home. 0 #
  • 37. The authentic self is a hard entity to face. It seems to be the last surviving demon in humanity’s vast trunk of excuses. 0 #
  • 36. The novelty of being naked quickly losses its appeal in the presence of an endless supply of fig leaves. 2 #
  • 35. Life is a very, very difficult entity to control, to say the least. The harder the grasp is clenched, the more slippery living becomes. Living in bloom with God and with others requires an artist’s mentality. Sure, a number of basic and necessary plans must be made as one contemplates relationship - just as the artist must make a basic effort to organize her thoughts, tools and oils prior to letting herself “go” as the painting itself unfolds before her. So it is with authentic living and relationship. Life is a canvas which we all choose to decorate. How it is colored is totally up to us. Prepare as you must, biblically speaking. Then allow the picture to unfold through the Holy Spirit before you. Fear will vanish as you experience life’s bloom. Letting go - and letting God - is the first step. 0 #
  • 34. Authentic change occurs when the pain of remaining the same becomes too much for one to bear. 0 #
  • 33. More than a few people go off the proverbial deep end. Evangelical Christianity is reduced, in most of these cases, to an accelerant recklessly dumped upon an already raging, internal fire. Evangelical Christianity is often tagged, of course, with a bad name as a result. 0 #

Watching children learn is beyond incredible. It is simply amazing. The seemingly unimpressive and little but changing expressions on innocent faces reveal some deeply cerebral ideas and internal concepts being formed on the fly. Incredible, to say the least. A child naturally diving into the stream of human curiosity to instinctively drink and satisfy the thirst perpetuated by our very human quest for knowledge is one of the most positive aspects of our nature.

Children begin this existence of ours so very helplessly. It is, however, a tentative state. Soon they learn to make a few guttural sounds. They quickly move on discarding their comical squawks and squeaks for a much more profitable form of baby talk. They truck along on their hands and knees putting miles and miles of carpet behind them as they stand their way right into an instinctive ability to build ladders high enough to reach those items which are usually considered seriously off limits by their parents. It is the parents who must constantly adjust to the evolution.

Watching your own children grow is beyond precious. I have watched my own children evolve through all of the above … and so very much more.

Today my son set up a paleontological dig atop his desk in his room. He is slowly chipping away at a stone brick in search of the dinosaur bones encased within. He chips, so gently and so slowly. He brushes away the resultant dust and looks closely for signs of bones. He chips some more. It is awesome! It is an awesome thing to watch! I spent some time with my son and his wonderful dinosaur excavation lab. The time spent was priceless, to say the least. He is evolving, and so much. It is a precious and beautiful thing to watch. I am thankful.

Huge hat tip to the Smithsonian Institution for making toys for eight year old boys that aren’t video games.

  • 31. We all need community; we need to be together. We also need to find our own spaces within our togetherness. Doing so is imperative to Christian growth and vitality. A spiritual life void of quiet, lonely times of inward contemplation and prayer will not produce the fruit necessary for holistic living. Jesus of Nazareth illustrated for us the importance of a quiet time set apart for the care of our individual selves. We would do well to take seriously his example. 0 #