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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Philosophy, Theology on May 08th, 2007 with 9 Comments

I took a bit of time this morning to sit on the back porch (actually, it’s a step) and read through a bit of Derrida/Caputo (Deconstruction in a Nutshell: A conversation with Jacques Derrida). I’m not finished with the book, but I will be through this evening. This morning, I was amazed, thrilled, and inspired […]

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Anabaptism and the Emerging Church: “Anabaptist and the emerging church. Horse and carriage? Chicken and egg? Chalk and cheese? It has been suggested by some (Carson, McKnight, Williams) that the emerging church in USA gravitates towards and resembles the early Anabaptist movement.”
Emerging Peace Church Movement & the Open Anabaptist Impulse: “Scot McKnight has said, ‘the […]

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The Hypography space here at lofitribe is the place where links to great Christian weblogs are stashed. These are the newest additions to Lo-Fi Hypography:
1. Semper Reformanda 2. Dan Morehead 3. Daily Prayer Pal 4. Neumatikos 5. Mcilweb
Send me your link if you want to be listed on my Hypography page! Too, feel free to […]

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Speaking of really great music (see my Blind Melon post below): I just received copies of studio leak versions of Axl Rose’s The Blues, Chinese Democracy, and IRS. These are three songs from the long-delayed and now mythical album “Chinese Democracy.” I’ll say this: there is nothing - nothing - out there right now that […]

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Christians Launch Ad, Grassroots Campaign Calling for Comprehensive Immigration Reform: (Washington, DC) – According to Faith in Public Life, “Evangelical Christians from across the ideological spectrum will launch a national grassroots and ad campaign calling for comprehensive immigration reform that is consistent with biblical values Monday at 11:30 AM on Capitol Hill. Christians for Comprehensive […]

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Project Honey Pot. Awesome. The battle to overcome bastardly spam scrapers just intensified! Lofitribe has its own active honey pot! It has its own stats page too.

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I jumped on a Greyhound and moved to Hollywood, California when I was nineteen years old. I had all the usual reasons shoved deep into my front pocket (i.e., Fortune, Fame, and Rock n’ Roll), and enough youthful unction to actually give it a go too. The year was 1992. My time spent there […]

Tagged Theology on May 02nd, 2007 with 3 Comments

I just finished working on a doc for Inner Metro Green re: joining. The doc is titled “One Body Built upon Christian Unity, Christian Duty, and Christian Fellowship: On Joining Christian Community.” Basically, it is a call to take seriously three unique aspects of Christian community, before one actually joins the community. Said another way, […]

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Seminary is over. I’m waiting to hear from denominational leaders re: the specifics of our church planting venture. So, I’m consequently privileged with the task of finding a creative way to spend a few anxious days of free down-time. So, rather than sitting around with hands and mind lost in pocket, I thought I’d take […]

Tagged Distractions on April 30th, 2007 with 7 Comments

Each year, Lancaster Theological Seminary names five “outstanding graduates” to receive complimentary one-year subscriptions to Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology. I’m not so sure I can live up to the “outstanding” tag, but I do appreciate being one of the five named by the faculty @ LTS. Too, I love free theology journals. […]