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Tribal Splash

Information for Potential Sponsors

There are a limited number of advertising possibilities here at Tribe. To your immediate right, in the sidebar, you will see six squared placeholders measuring 125x125 (pixels). These six spots are open for advertisements. Your ads will be displayed on every page of this web site (1980+ pages).

There is one way to showcase your product here on Tribe: You may purchase a 30-day "no-follow" block (125X125 pixels). You may request/purchase a longer advertisement campaign in multiples of thirty. For example, if you want to showcase your product here on Tribe for a time that exceeds the initial 30-day offering, simply state the time you desire for your campaign as 60, 90, 120, etc. Inline, Text, and Feed ads are not available.

All advertisements are limited to the context and genre represented here at Tribe. Said differently, these six banner spots are reserved for religious/faith resources and their advertisers. I reserve the right to refuse any advertisement.

Statistical information for this web site is openly shared upon request from potential advertisers.

Interested advertisers can contact me directly via the contact information listed on my contact page.