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The New Centrist Evangelical Voting Block

Rev Dr Anthony Campolo, professor emeritus of Sociology at Eastern University, Pennsylvania, thinks the new centrist evangelicals could decide the upcoming election. Campolo says:

There are millions of us who espouse an evangelical theology but who reject being classified as part of the religious right.

Right on, Campolo. I do think this fresh expression of evangelicalism is here for the duration. It will be an interesting next few years in the church, to say the least. Good times!

The New Evangelicalism and Restoring Eden

Evangelicalism is changing! It is taking Environmental stewardship seriously! Check out this self-proclaimed grassroots movement within the church called Restoring Eden: Christian for Environmental Stewardship.

Restoring Eden makes hearts bigger, hands dirtier, and voices stronger by encouraging Christians to learn to love, serve, and protect God’s creation. Restoring Eden is not a traditional ministry - we are less about membership and programs, and more about a conversation and a community that lives out the biblical mandate to “speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) as advocates for natural habitats, wild species and indigenous subsistence cultures.

Restoring Eden’s mission to proclaim God’s love for creation includes a speaking tour that covers dozens of college campuses every year and an annual creation-care lobbying conference that lasts a week. Read More »

Ron Sider and Evangelicals for Social Action

Have you considered Evangelicals for Social Action? I have; I just joined as a member too! It is very likely that the continued rise of such culturally relevant and biblically solid Evangelical expression will render newer and thinner expressions pointless and maybe even a tad silly too (the more videos like this I watch, the less I want to hang out with either side).

Suggestion: If you are looking for something deeper, don’t toss out all of Evangelicalism just because a whole bunch of people may have not expressed it as well as it could have been. Don’t buy into the latest book-selling gimmick or popular fad. Just dive even deeper into faith and history and do it right yourself. You may find others who will happily join you on this deep journey at Evangelicals for Social Action.

Incidentally, ESA was founded by Ron Sider - author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger and The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience (these books, according to the web site, articulate ESA’s vision). Read More »