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Finding a Civil Gathering Place in Aspects of Universal Human Nature

Any debate regarding the nature and worth of human beings that is based entirely upon immediate social structures and/or states, presupposed ethnic and/or socio-cultural prejudices, and historical/cultural relative aspects of cultural belief should be avoided by any whom wish to ethically address the deep questions raised by an incurably social humanity. Political platformers, social activists, literary geniuses, religious visionaries, philosophers, artists and theologians have argued, agreed, pushed, pulled, and, on more than a few occasions, loosed flashes of brilliance in addresses, books, debates, and rallies regarding the topic of civility and humanity. It seems, however, that a resolution regarding a universally complementary society remains unattainable. Read More »

I have a Two-sided Coin and No Pockets!

One reader e-mailed me to ask if I was a religious liberal. My side nearly exploded as it tried to absorb the crush of my resultant and hearty laughter. No! I am no religious liberal! I tried religious liberalism for a bit. I nibbled on it like a dense fish foolishly flirting with a hook, but quickly discovered that it tasted of the same old, failed, and unmistakable humanism of bygone years. I’m also not a religious conservative either. It’s just as distracting. This detrimental pair happily share the two sides of a sad coin of codependency. I chucked it into a wishing well a long time ago. My wish? To go far beyond that dichotomy; to dive into Gospel.

Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Heath

A new friend and Inner Metro Green member recently dropped off a signed covenant letter, a wonderful monetary gift for the burgeoning church, and a great book for me. Events like this are as exciting as a seven year old’s Christmas, at least for church planters. There is still a lot of work to do, and we are still in our infancy stage, but the church plant is beginning to take root and sprout! Keep on praying for us and our wonderful city. Read More »