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Potluck with Blowtorch

IMG Potluck, originally uploaded by Inner Metro Green.

We held our Tuesday night potluck last night, complete with Creme Brulee and blowtorches. That’s what happens when a chef from Philly (who lives in Lancaster City) joins your church! Thank you, Mark! You are awesome, bro.
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Inner Metro Green Gets Art Direction

Justin Carroll, of 3Circle Studio, has not only joined Inner Metro Green (a church plant in Lancaster City, PA), but also is unleashing his God-given gifts and talents in seriously edifying fashion. He is blessing - and continuously blessing - the art direction of Inner Metro Green in way that has been so desperately needed! Inner Metro Green’s art direction was virtually non-existent, but now there is a conceptual theme developing - as we speak - that will be uniformly expressed through the official logo, business cards, letterheads, envelopes and an upcoming new web site. The whole package naturally complements the color/image/symbol concept driving the church’s moniker. It’s what was needed! Read More »

Prioritizing, Leading, Following, and Blogging

Inner Metro Green

Ministry happenings and responsibilities are once again chipping away at my blog time! That’s OK. The more real-time ministry I engage, the more I’d rather be doing that! Blogging is great and all, but it pales in comparison to seeing real change in real time and getting involved with it. A blog, at least for me, should simply be an extension of real-time ministry, at least for the Christian. A blog should be a simple record of what’s going on in the real life of a believer; a blog should never BE or BECOME your life. That’s putting the proverbial cart before the horse, IMHO. A blog also should be, IMO, a way to share resources and ideas implemented and tested in real-time. If it becomes anymore or anything other than that, I think priorities were twisted somewhere along the line. I’d stop and check myself. So, though my blogging is slowing a bit, my ministry is ramping up. That’s a good thing. Read More »

Barack Obama Headquarters in Lancaster City


Tonight, I joined my fellow hope-filled politicos at the Barack Obama Headquarters in Lancaster City. We talked and planned phone banking, community canvassing, GOTV (Get Out The Vote), and the “Superbowl, World Series, World Cup-like event” that is the 22nd of April in PA. April 22nd is primary day. I’ll be living at the Obama HQ that whole day, providing they get the cable installed so we can watch the results in real-time on cable news.

I made 36 phone calls this evening and to my happy surprise not one registered democrat declared a vote for Hillary. Everyone who was sure of their vote strongly supported Obama. There were three undecided, but no one declared support for Clinton. I think Obama is going to claim an upset victory in PA. Read More »

Easter 2007 Lancaster City

Easter07 024, originally uploaded by lofitribe.

An Emerging Church in Lancaster City

We are planning to hold a few sacred worship services and observances for Holy Week 2008 in Lancaster City. As most of my readers know, I’m part of a young church planting team in Lancaster, PA. The plant is called Inner Metro Green. Ours is an emerging church, absolutely dedicated to simplicity and missional living in our context. We are equally focused upon Sunday morning and incarnational house churches. We are dedicated to our city and her transformation. Everyone - and we do mean everyone - is welcome to join us as we all journey and grow spiritually together. So, if you are in Lancaster, and are looking for an emerging-missional church community with whom you can share Holy Week celebrations, you are welcome to share it with us! Read More »

I’m a Proud Father of a Lancaster City 76er!


Big Meeting for Inner Metro Green

Our church plant in Lancaster City is having a big day tomorrow. Our IMG Executive Team Leader and I are meeting with the Atlantic Conference Advisory Board assigned to oversee and guide us in our efforts. This board is composed of the Bishop, pastoral and executive team members from Manor Church, the conference church planting coach, and conference planters. They are all awesome and more supportive than I ever thought possible. This is a pretty big deal. Our forming IMG core group’s mission and official launch in ‘08 will be totally informed by this meeting. So, of course, I can’t sleep. Updates will follow the meeting.

A Deep Thank You to the IMG Team

I am, as a pastor/church planter, so proud of the men and women involved with and leading our church plant in Lancaster City. We are forming a healthy, open, and dialog centered culture from which all of us are striving towards an authentic expression of kingdom values and living. Our team is wrestling with a very serious topic and they have proven themselves to be people dedicated first and foremost to the values of Jesus’ kingdom. You all are tops in my book. Tops! Thank you!

A Slow Blog Rising

Blogging is slow. We’ve been very, very busy completing the shared remodeling project for Inner Metro Green and The Infantree. Our gathering place is looking great! It’s a lot of work, but we are almost finished! Pictures of our space will follow soon! You can see it live for yourself this Sunday morn at 10:30 AM!