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The Rachael Ray Show

A few late afternoons spent working on my sermon in the family room with the television playing in the background has introduced me to Rachael Ray. I’m completely captivated. I love it!

Our Annual Family Night before Christmas

Merry Christmas! It’s Christmas Eve! I happen to be a bigger fan of Christmas Eve than Christmas Morning. I’m not totally sure why this is, but I think it has to do with the family atmosphere that surrounds our Christmas Eve. It’s not that our Christmas Mornings aren’t wonderful; they are beyond wonderful! It’s just that Christmas Eve in our house is loaded with tangible expectation and annual family tradition. We load our family’s night before Christmas with more than a few family traditions. It’s great fun! Read More »

I have a Two-sided Coin and No Pockets!

One reader e-mailed me to ask if I was a religious liberal. My side nearly exploded as it tried to absorb the crush of my resultant and hearty laughter. No! I am no religious liberal! I tried religious liberalism for a bit. I nibbled on it like a dense fish foolishly flirting with a hook, but quickly discovered that it tasted of the same old, failed, and unmistakable humanism of bygone years. I’m also not a religious conservative either. It’s just as distracting. This detrimental pair happily share the two sides of a sad coin of codependency. I chucked it into a wishing well a long time ago. My wish? To go far beyond that dichotomy; to dive into Gospel.

Family Sledding Fun in the City Park!

Lancaster City was finally the recipient of a few inches of really great sledding snow. Actually, this is the first real snow covering we’ve had all winter! Prior to last night’s thick, white blanket gift, we had only two real winter storms, and both of those were freezing rain and ice (not good sledding conditions). Read More »

Birthday Bowling with Family and Friends

We just celebrated our son’s birthday with a family and friend outing to the local bowling alley! He and a bunch of his friends spent an afternoon on pizza, cake, soda, gift exchanges, funny shoes, and, of course, lots of bumper bowling. My son looked like he was going to be the afternoon’s high score winner with a 117, but his little sister actually came from behind to take top honors with a 119. It was a great day of celebration and lots of unhealthy foods kids love. Kids love bowling parties!

A Lesson in Generational Difference

My son has recently discovered Google’s usefulness for his school and personal research projects. Well, truth be told, his elementary school homework does not actually push him toward this sort of deeper research, yet. I think it should be, but I digress. I admit I am a pretty big influence on his blooming desire to look deeper into interesting subjects via the Internet and Google. I think its great, even amazing. The generational differences displayed in my son and my father are absolutely incredible, and totally exposed by Internet use expertise. His Grandfather has barely mastered the strange art of e-mail; my son has not yet reached double digits in age and is already well versed in Google, technology and the Internet. It’s absolutely amazing and absolutely necessary. Too, I think it’s time to start looking for family filters for the Internet. Read More »

Old Radio Flyer Wagons

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining. The hue of the sky was a shade of powder blue, with a few chalky clouds hung perfectly here and there, in sparse fashion. Read More »

A Touch of Healthy Folly

I played Laser Tag with my son yesterday. I haven’t played Laser Tag since I was twelve or thirteen, at the very least. The Laser Tag I played back then has nothing on the Laser Tag I played yesterday! I’m talking about holographic image producing goggles and digital display read-outs mounted upon talking laser-shooters! Humanity - if it has accomplished nothing else over the past decade - has come along way in Laser Tag technology! My son and I had a great time rolling behind furniture, ducking behind curtains, and fleeing up and down hallways in our individual attempts to tag and not be tagged.