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Interview with Curriculum Author Michael Kelley

Tough Sayings of Jesus

Scribe members were recently offered a wonderful opportunity to receive and review a DVD-based small group curriculum published by Threads/LifeWay called The Tough Sayings of Jesus II (Leader Kit). Part of this opportunity included a series of interviews, hosted by individual Scribe members, with Michael Kelley, the creator/author of the curriculum. I personally love The Tough Sayings of Jesus I and II, and could not wait to ask Michael Kelley a few questions about it! You can read the interview with Kelley after the jump …

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The 2008 EO/Wheatstone Academy Symposium Call for Posts

Does the medium used effect the message being delivered? If so, how exactly is the message effected? Is it effected in positive or negative ways? Perhaps both? If so, does the positive effects outweigh the negative, or vice versa? Is the message actually shaped or altered by the medium? Can it be shaped by the delivery medium? If so, how? Is the medium implemented deeply considered? These are great questions to be asking, especially as one considers the emerging new medium and technology of our own day. Read More »