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10.ten.10 by Hope International

Chris and Alli Horst will be traveling the country from September 29th through October 14th, 2008! They are launching their journey from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Their roadmap is taking them all the way to the Pacific Coast, stopping for celebration and fund raising events all along the way. Their trip wraps up in Denver, Colorado. Chris and Alli’s journey is part of a 10-event in 10-states tour of the country in celebration of HOPE International’s 10th anniversary. This is a very, very good cause! You can follow these two and cheer them on as they journey along via the 10.ten.10 blog!

Chris is an awesome fellow and brother who truly desires to make a real difference in this world. He was instrumental in helping us shape our vision for IMG in our city. You can hear him speaking at IMG here: Seven: Week Five. God bless Chris and Alli as they hit the road for this great cause! Keep them and their trip in your prayers!

A Portable Horticulture: On Planting Churches

I have read a lot of books about church planting. I’ve perused as many blogs on the subject too. I’ve taken classes in college about church planting. I’ve physically checked out as many church plants as I could check out just to see how it works in real-time. I’ve cornered church planters with more than a few probing, exploratory questions. I think it is safe to say that I’ve done a lot of research on the subject. Yes, all of those research experiences were/are good, but I have to admit that nothing has enlightened me more to the practical realities of church planting than actually planting a church. I have learned as much about church planting - and church ministry in general - over the course of the past few months spent in the field as I have learned from classes logged over the past few years. Read More »

The Church and Social Networking Tools

IMG Facebook Page

The incredible rise of social networking tools on the Internet is a phenomenon that should not be ignored by the Church. Web 2.0 applications and dedicated Social Networking sites offer the church very real and very practical opportunities to share important information, make lasting contacts, establish virtual relationships, and coordinate missional activity on scales that go well beyond the local environment. For the first time ever, perhaps, we can share field stories, suggestions, tips, and successes in real-time without time or geographical borders or barriers. It is truly a remarkable phenomenon. Read More »

Apology of Patriarch Timothy of Baghdad before Caliph Mahdi

Have you ever read the “Apology of Patriarch Timothy of Baghdad before Caliph Mahdi?” If not, prepare thyself for some incredible if not mind-numbing dialogue!

Scene: In 780 the missionary-minded bishop Timothy joined the King of Baghdad (the new Islamic capital) in a two-day interreligious dialogue. The topic, of course, was Trinity. The following is an especially exciting excerpt from this discourse: Read More »

10 Reasons Why Church Planting Sucks

Planting a church is anything but easy. In fact, it is quite difficult. I’m sure the only reason people actually do it is because the intersection of God’s call and personal passion/gifting creates missional unction that can not be ignored. Why else would someone choose the personal and vocational insecurities that accompany church planting over a comfortably secure and salaried position at an established church? If you have ever planted a church, or are planting a church, then you know what I mean. There are great joys to be had in church planting, but there are also great trials and tribulations. It’s the nature of the mission; it’s a direct result of being on the bleeding edge of Christ’s expanding kingdom. The bleeding edge comes with all sorts of challenges, spiritual and otherwise. Overall, I have to say, that church planting is an exciting, joy-laden, and incredibly rewarding ministry, but it is not for the faint of heart.

I recently discovered a post by Dan Taylor, a church planter in Edmonton, Canada (h/t Mike Clawson), called “Why Church Planting Sucks.” It was a great read, and completely accurate! I’ve experienced everything on the list in five months time. The following are quick hit and miss excerpts of the most resonate and sometime humorous points raised by Dan in this fun and encouraging list. Read More »

A De-centralized and Emerging Ecclesiology

There is an extremely important theological conversation emerging in the socially networked phenomenon aka the blogosphere. A word or two should be spent, however, on the phenomenon of the discussion itself, before taking a headlong dive into the specific subject matter being addressed. Why? The nature of the discussion is absolutely remarkable! It would be a most unfortunate loss if the participants in this discussion and their readers failed to recognize how theology is being engaged in this postmodern time in which we are living. The nature of this particular discussion, or how it is being directly engaged, is, therefore, as important as the specific subject matter itself. These are truly remarkable and de-centralized times.

Drew Ditzel, a student at Columbia Theological Seminary, is enrolled in a class called “Emerging Church Models.” Specifically, the question Drew is contemplating has to do with the role of professional leadership in Emerging Church Models. He picked several Christian bloggers and requested a post dedicated to this question and any peripheral issues. The result: several well written posts - deeply cognitive and emotive - concerning emerging ecclesiology, missional practice, philosophy of ministry, leadership, friendship, orthopraxy, etc. The most remarkable aspect of this event is, however, the way theology itself is being engaged. As important as our local communities are to us, we are, whether we realize it or not, simultaneously engaging and developing the theology expressed within these local communities globally. Think about that for a minute or two. Read More »

Missionary Dudes Blogging in India

Colleagues and friends Mike Holland, John Hawbaker, Ben Newton, and Michael Yoder are blogging their trip to India!

You are Treating Jesus like a Commodity

“… I worry that those you entice to following Jesus at your event, will start off with such a skewed picture of what this Jesus character is about that they will never really be able to see clearly the real Jesus we meet in the gospels.”
Ariah Fine

What is Incarnational Ecclesiology?

I’ve been collecting definitions for “Incarnational Ecclesiology,” mostly from Emerging and/or Emergent Church writers and bloggers. Why? Well, because I believe in it. I think we should live it. I believe that the Good News of Jesus Christ and the supernatural movement proceeding should organically bloom in a given context. In other words, it should grow from the inside. So, individuals called to missional activity should plant where they live and interact everyday with authentic friends and neighbors. Moving into a differentiated cultural context for the singular purpose of making converts or church-goers is not incarnational ministry, at least according to the following definitions: Read More »

Discipleship is the Key

Everything we do as followers of Jesus Christ - be it good or bad - can be traced back to one thing: discipleship. What does it really mean to be a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth? What does it really, really mean? The answer to that question will inform everything we do as Christians. Everything.