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Relocating with a 40GB Apple TV in Tow

A quick personal update: My family has been busy moving into a new place for the past four days, thus the blog silence. We are almost finished, thank God! In other personal news, I won a 40GB Apple TV loaded with all of the films created by the awesome folk over at Modern Parables. I’m an even bigger fan of Modern Parables than I was yesterday! And yesterday I was a big fan! This rocks, obviously.

Bible Studies for People Who Like Movies

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Ecological Sustainability is a Theological Issue

Christians in North America have ignored environmental issues for far, far too long. We have justified our actions - or lack thereof - by leaning too heavily upon complicated, if not abstractly vague, eschatological schematics. It worked too, at least for the time being. Why would or should anyone care about ecological stewardship if Jesus was returning tomorrow? You see, Jesus’ cataclysmic return not only signified the beginning of a new age for the Church, but also the subsequent end of the old age of the world. The total and utter destruction of earth as we know it, for some mysterious reason, become a practical if not fatalistic reality. The logic of this sort of apocalyptic thinking, of course, leads one to what would seem to be a very solid conclusion: if the world is going to be morphed into dust, why then should we worry about environmental issues? Well, most Evangelicals did not worry about it at all! Read More »

The Difficult Parable of the Dishonest Manager

A recent chat with friends regarding peaceful, non-violent resistance of cultural norms led to one of the most difficult parables taught by Jesus. Luke 16:1-9 has stumped and mystified interpreters for years, if not centuries. Some argue that the real meaning of this parable is lost to us forever; others point to Jesus’ overarching penchant for non-violent subversion as the key that unlocks the real meaning and intention of this parable. Given the social, political, and religious setting in which Jesus was situated, I tend to side with those who cite subversion. Read More »