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The Gospel of Penitentiary Christianity

The transformational power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not negotiable in Penitentiary Christianity.

It’s a funny thing when you first realize that a lot of Bible teaching and imagery you used to think was literary and metaphorical turns out to be truly true. It reminds me of the hucksters of the god “Tash” in C.S.Lewis’ The Last Battle, who thought they had made up “Tash” to exploit the ignorant masses - only to discover he was real and about to devour them.

When one is smashed against the “bottom” of life’s bucket, the Gospel is more than mere words and theories; it is transformational. This truth should force some pretty serious questions concerning the life we live at the “top” of the bucket and the Gospel expressed and lived therein. Is the Gospel the transformational power of God at the top of the bucket too? It should be!

Redemption is a Relational Agreement

Re-creation involves covenant. Redemption involves agreement between God and humanity. When we, as individuals, hear God’s irresistible and relational love song, we are made immediately aware of those things in our lives that pull us away from God and God’s best for our lives. Deep repentance follows. A throwing off all of those things that the Spirit reveals to be detrimental to the new relationship happens, voluntarily. God’s love does not force this, but it opens the way for each of us to walk through.

God Really is Loving Transformation

God is love. God’s story of redemption – or recreation - can be found in both Testaments of the Christian Bible. God’s loving re-creation first involves reconnection between the person and God. The Biblical narrative consistently portrays God as holy reconciler. God desires to enter into authentic individual and communal relationships with all people. Read More »

God’s Plot: Your Life as Narrative!

What is your story? You are aware that you have a story, aren’t you? You do! Your story is undoubtedly rich, complex, inspiring, challenging, heartbreaking, heartwarming, compelling and authentic. All of these things – and so much more - are an integral part of your personal narrative. More integral than any of these is, however, the part played in your story by God. Yes, God is there! God is there, acknowledged or ignored. Life is narrative; if life is narrative then God is the ultimate narrator. Your life, just beneath its barest surfaces, may read as if no author was present, but your very existence and/or presence points toward story and story points toward an author. God is the ultimate author. Life is God’s story. Your life is the most beautiful narrative ever crafted! Do you live as if it were true? Read More »

A Change of Direction: The Sinner’s Prayer

It’s all about a personal relationship with God through his Son, Jesus Christ. I can not even begin to express the life-changing ramifications this truth has had upon me and the life I am now living. It has been nothing short of revolutionary. I was a sinner lost in his sin. I was a leader - or chief - of sinners, to echo the sentiment of the Apostle Paul. I am now a child of God made sufficiently whole by the loving sacrifice of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I submitted my heart and will to the Father. I changed direction (repented). I accepted the love gift God offered me. I joined God in an intimate and daily walk that has carried me to this very day. Read More »