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A Wolf in Sheep Garb Camps at Cornerstone

Sometimes there is more to a visitor than meets the eye! Self-proclaimed atheist Matt Taibbi decided to go undercover and spend some time in Pastor John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church. His goal was not spiritual enrichment, scriptural enlightenment, or Christian fellowship; Taibbi was motived by dirt. He wanted to get some dirt on Hagee and those ‘wacky evangelicals’ who call Cornerstone Church home. So, he signed up and participated in one of Cornerstone’s Encounter Weekends and there misrepresented himself, terribly. Read More »

Spike Lee on Reverend Jeremiah Wright

Spike Lee on the United Church of Christ Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

The more he opens his mouth, the more damage he does … If he loves Obama he needs to shut up right now. It makes me question his motives for talking. I’m starting to wonder whether somebody has been contributing to the building funds of his church. Seriously.

Thank you Spike for finally saying what needs to be said!

Expelled: A New Documentary by Ben Stein

Ben Stein Expelled

The fact that someone - anyone - is willing to take on big science and secular fundamentalists like Richard Dawkins is terrific, but the last person I would have pictured in this role is Ben Stein.

Stein, however, and in spite of his most recent gig as the host of VH1’s thankfully dormant America’s Most Smartest Model, may just be the man for the job!

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a Michael Moore-ish kind of documentary that investigates, exposes, and challenges the assumptions, presumptions, presuppositions, biases, and academic/intellectual prejudices of the so-called “big science” and its blind fascination and devotion to the Neo-Darwinian materialism that is funneled into classrooms all over the country in suppressing fashion. Read More »

Bill Maher Hates Religion! We Get it!

Bill Maher may lose his job over his most recent comments about the Catholic Church and the Pope. Can the comments he made on his HBO show be classified as hate speech? The people at Fire Bill Maher think so. It seems more likely that Bill is just trying to cash in on the book buying crowd faithfully following authors like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris. Bill is, after all, an advisory board member of Harris’s The Reason Project.

Compassionate Progressivism

Compassionate Progressivism? It seem as if the old-guard evangelicalism is crumbling, and the new evangelicalism is moving in, if the current elections are any indication.

A Review of Speaking of Faith by Krista Tippett

Speaking of Faith: Why Religion Matters and How to Talk about It

Speaking of Faith is paperback book written by public radio host Krista Tippett.

If you are interested in brushing up on a postmodern, pluralistic, North American Religious Liberalism, then grab Tippett’s Speaking of Faith. You will walk away from this book feeling as though you read a lot, but have little to actually apply to real life and living. It’s an exercise in religious intellectualism, at best. If your desire is to dive deep into authentic Interfaith conversation, keep checking the shelves. This book will not do it for you.

My rating: 2.0 stars

Read More »

Switching Religious Affiliation

“Americans are switching religious affiliation in ever-greater numbers or abandoning ties to organized denominations altogether, and Protestants are on the cusp of becoming a minority, according to a survey released Monday,” according to the LA Times.

The Socio-liberal and Conservative Religious Onion

A question concerning the way the Bible is used in this left vs. right USA socio-cultural context of ours has been nagging at me for more than a few days. I can’t quite put my finger on the problem that I feel is revealed in the way the Bible is used to buttress conservative and/or liberal arguments inherent to contemporary socio-cultural debate(s). I do know this much: I think such use of the Bible only produces that which the Bible was never intended to produce. The product? A nationalistic and extremely limited expression of the Gospel. This does great damage to God’s story.

The following is my best attempt to articulate the convolution conceived during the socio-cultural left and right’s wrestling match for the Bible. It’s abstract, at best.

The socio-religious liberal is quick to brand the literal interpretation of the Bible advanced by the socio-religious conservative as detriment. For example, when an important subject such as homosexuality is raised, the liberal interpreter quickly flips to Deuteronomy and points at archaic, forgotten, and/or discarded aspects of the Code. We don’t care if our fabric is made with mixed-materials anymore; we don’t adhere to the Sabbath; we don’t execute adulterers. “This material can not, therefore, be taken literally,” says the liberal interpreter. Fair enough; no ‘major’ problems, yet. The problem, however, arises when the socio-religious liberal, in an attempt to defend his or her respective argument(s) in contemporary socio-cultural debate(s), leaps to another hermeneutic and proclaims aspects of the Code - aspects that are rooted in identity rather than historical and/or cultural relativity, and are consequently not as easy to dismiss - irrelevant. This problem is not located in the declaration of Code irrelevancy itself, but in the literal gymnastics required to make it. Read More »

When Religion Insults Humanity

So, it seems that the innocent act of naming a teddy bear has resulted in a strange legal charge called “insulting religion” and blood-drunk cries to execute a teacher by an angry mob brandishing swords and sticks. I wonder if religion can ever be charged with insulting humanity? If so, this would be a good case study.

A Tired, Worn, and Travel-wearied Leather Rita Botta

Filip loved his religion. He was the kind of man who needed tangible boundaries, real rules to live by.

His was a life lifted directly from the pages of his daily planner. His was no ordinary daily planner! It was a Small Italian Genuine Leather Rita Botta, and it was bursting at the seams as it valiantly attempted to envelop all the oddities Filip had shoved into it during his daily travels between home and office. The Rita Botta could have handled all of the expected norms: a notepad, calendar insert, contact page, and the occasional business and/or credit card flap. Its most formidable challenges, however, came in the form of an oversized black comb, TI 30XA, zip-disk, 7′ wooden crucifix, and 10 - 15 paper-clipped pages torn from “The Screwtape Letters.” Read More »