All Wordpress Themes and Flavors from my "Sublunary Series" are listed below. Installation instructions are simple: 1. Download. 2. Unzip the download. 3. Put the folder on your web server, preferably in your WordPress installation's theme folder. 4. Activate the theme. 5. Apply Widgets. Pretty simple, right? Five steps, that's it! Sublunary Series themes are XHTML & CSS Standards Valid; work as intended with Firefox & IE 7; are built for use with the brand new 2.1. version of WordPress; and have proven to be semi-healthy after school snacks for the kids. All Sublunary themes are free for you to use under the condition that the credit line in the footer remain intact. Please, respect this request and leave the footer credit intact! Don't be a thief, or a curse will smite you & your home. Seriously, I spend many hours doing this and would simply like some credit for my labor. Live Demos.

If you are feeling compelled to support my theme efforts you can relieve yourself from the compulsion by sending me something from my Amazon Wish List. Thanks!

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Stone for Wordpress


Water for Wordpress


Air for Wordpress


Moss for Wordpress


Main Entry: sub•lu•na•ry » Pronunciation: "s&b-'lu-n&-rE, 's&b-lu-"ner-E » Variant(s): also sub•lu•nar /"s&b-'lu-n&r also -"nar/ » Function: adjective » Etymology: modification of Late Latin sublunaris, from Latin sub - + luna moon -- more at LUNAR: of, relating to, or characteristic of the terrestrial world < dull sublunary lovers -- John Donne >.