1000 Wells

Written on December 31st, 2006 by Shawn Anthony

1. I was reintroduced to the incredible sufficiency of Jesus Christ. 2. I recommitted myself to Biblical Christianity and returned happily to my Brethren in Christ church and heritage. 3. I saw liberal and/or progressive religion/Christianity for what it really is: Secular Humanism (well, at least when it’s not Modern Paganism/Witchcraft) dressed in religious/Christian garb (vocabulary). 3. I deeply contemplated, prayed over, and embraced God’s calling on my life. 4. I shared deep moments of communication with my wife. 5. Saturday morning breakfasts with my son. 6. A cool and costume-themed birthday party for my twin girls and their grade school friends at Wheatland, the house of James Buchanan - the 15th President of the United States. 7. My family survived - without injury - a stop light rear-ending of our Honda Accord by a Dodge Durango chock-full of underage, drunk Amish kids who scotch-taped porn to their dashboard. 8. We adopted a family puppy pre-named Trinity, during the time I admitted and repented of my own theological error re: the actual Trinity. 9. I noticed the blazingly new “Stay Out of My Room!” signs my kids made and taped to their bedroom doors (good time flies by!). 10. I bought and read Mark Driscoll’s Confessions of a Reformisison Rev. I love that book!

4 Responses to “My Top Ten Personal Events of 2006”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the speculation on James Buchanan’s sexual orientation. James Loewen writes about it in his book _Lies Across America_ and you can find wikipedia commentary on it here:

    link removed

    Steve Caldwell

  2. Steve, no I have not. I quite frankly do not care. I’m not even sure what that has to do with my little girls’ birthday party, but I’ve learned not to be surprised by the poor tact and obnoxious opportunism often displayed by Unitarian Universalists such as yourself. The point was my little girls’ birthday party … not your inability to live life beyond a liberal social and religious party line. I almost deleted your comment, but thought it a better object lesson.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. Certainly is a year to a remember!

    I was actually very recently introduced to the writings of Mark Driscoll, having been lent the book “The Radical Reformission” on Thursday. I started it and have read about half of it today, and what he is saying is thoroughly giving my comfort zones a whippin’. Evangelism is one area I have sorely failed in but God seems to be pushing me in the right directions as of late!

    Rick Beckman

  4. Well said Shawn. The very reason that I do not “memory hole” comments on my blog is to allow them to serve as object lessons. If a U*U wants to make an ass of themself on my blog they are usually most welcome to do so. I have however been forced to create what I call the U*U Hole on The Emerson Avenger blog to deal with the inordinate off-topic SPAM comments of one particularly obnoxious anonymous U*U troll who SPAMMED most of my blog threads recently. As per our belief that people should have the courage to stand behind their controversial words I am also going to be quite insistent that people attach their real life identities to their comments on the “memory hole” free Emerson Avenger blog if they don’t want their comments to be unceremoniously relegated to the U*U Hole. . . ;-)

    Happy New Year Shawn!

    The Emerson Avenger

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