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Why do people with zero ethics have to have such a huge and negative affect on everyone else? It seems that some people are now inflating their Feedburner subscriber stats with bots and things like Pageflakes. It also seems BoingBoing rolled what will surely become a large and embarrassing snowball. Techcrunch too. Here are a few good reads on the subject: Lies, Damn Lies and Subscriber Counts, Dodgy Web and Blog Stats: Redux, and Mashable beats Techcrunch readership?. So, people do lie and hurt the rest of us who keep honest stats for honest reasons. I’m sure the Feedburner tech people will figure out a way to detect and expose this nonsense. I suppose we all could just watch for the suddenly disappearing Chicklets! I’ll Stop the Rant to Allow Room for an Unabashedly Opportunistic Plug: Speaking of feed subscriptions, I am in the process of working with Feedburner support to redirect my old feed (which I borked when I moved to Media Temple from TextDrive) into my new one. So, add my orphaned 35 readers still stuck on my old feed, to the 128 which is shown at the bottom of the page, and I have around 165 total subscribers, which is great for a religious blog. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to my feed, either by e-mail or by news reader! Thank you!

4 Responses to “Inflating Your Subscriber Stats Hurts Everyone!”

  1. I totally buy that many sites are artificially inflating their subscriber numbers. I took the feedcount chicklet off my site for other reasons but I wouldn’t doubt that we see them starting to disappear.


  2. Ben, that “disappearing Chicklet” remark was directed toward the site which caused this brouhaha. I didn’t notice yours missing … though it proves my point in a way. You had to say “I didn’t because …” You shouldn’t even have to say that much.

    Shawn Anthony

  3. Hi Shawn -

    Sounds like you’re in touch with our support team about redirecting your old feed, but just in case you need any help - feel free to drop me or anyone else on the publisher services team an e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll lend a hand.

    Regarding the numbers issues that have bounced around the last few days, we will be posting a series of entries on our corporate blog (http://blogs.feedburner.com/feedburner) in the coming weeks that lay out in more detail how we capture the info, what it means (and what it doesn’t), and hopefully address any questions people have. Stay tuned!


    Rick Klau
    VP, Publisher Services
    [email protected]
    312.756.0022 x2012

    Rick Klau

  4. Rick, thanks for the extended offer of support. The Feedburner support person that helped me out (Matt) was awesome. My own server move messed up my feed, but Feedburner helped me fix all self-inflicted technical issues. Again awesome support!

    I’m happy to hear that the issues surrounding false inflation are going to be addressed on the corporate blog. Good for Feedburner for tackling these discussions head on and straight away. I’ll be reading the upcoming series of posts, for sure. Feedburner is an awesome and very useful service for blogger and advertiser (potential advertisers) alike. It would be a terrible ashame to let a few unscrupulous people render it less than reliable.

    Thanks Rick.

    Shawn Anthony

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