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Written on January 10th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

OVERVIEW OF THE MAIN PERIODS OF CHURCH HISTORY: 1. Ancient Church History (5 BC - AD 500): Ancient Church history includes the period from the apostolic age to the beginning of the Roman Catholic system. 1.1. The spread of Christianity to AD 100 (the foundation, Christ’s life and ministry, its foundation among the Jews and the beginnings of non-Jewish Christianity). 1.2. Struggle for survival (100-313) (persecution and heresy). 1.3. Old Catholic Imperial Church, 313 - 500 (reconciliation with state under Constantine to union with the state under Theodosius [problems, development of dogma, theological disputes, monasticism, growth of the power of Roman Bishops]). 2. Medieval Church History (500 - 1517): Medieval Church History includes the periods of the integration of Teutonic institutions, Greco-Roman culture, and Christianity. 2.1. 500 - 800, evangelizing the Teutonic invaders, the Eastern Church face the threat of Islam, formation of the Carolingian Empire. 2.2. 800 - 1054, schism, Greek Orthodox Church 2.3. 1054 - 1305, supremacy of the Pope, crusades. 2.4. 1305 - 1517, Internal attempts to reform papacy, towards the Reformation. 3. Modern and Contemporary Church History (1517 - present): Modern and Contemporary Church History include origin of protestant denominations, reformation and counter-reformation, missions, revivalism.

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