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Written on January 25th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

I was just introduced to the wisdom-laden musings of a 93 year old blogger. Boing Boing gets hat tip credit for the introduction. Thanks Boing Boing! So, back to the 93 year old blogger, aka Don To Earth (aka Donald Crowdis). Yes, he’s a 93 year old blogger! You read that part correctly! So, we may as well get the whole ‘blogging isn’t just for kids thing’ out of the way right now (he is for real!). This blog is, from all I have read of it thus far, a treasure! Donald Crowdis’s post titled It Bothers Me That I Have To Go is a must read for all who are living this life. Go and read it and consider the points made deeply.

2 Responses to “Donald Crowdis 93 Year Old Blogger”

  1. I didn’t believe this until I followed the links. Quite a story!


  2. Hello Ched! I’ll admit, I thought it was less then real too, at first! then I read the newspaper stories. What a cool fellow! He does not even own a computer. He hand writes all of his blog posts and mails them to a close relative who then posts them online. That is awesome. What a find this blog is!

    Shawn Anthony

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