1000 Wells

Written on January 25th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

There once lived a man - a young man - who stumbled upon a familiar crowd of people sharing drink and food.

“Hey there!” The young man shouted. “What are you all doing gathered here like this? Is there nothing better for you to do today than gather together yet again in this tired, old courtyard? It is a beautiful day and the sun …”

“And what …” A woman from the gathered crowd interrupted. “… and what of the sun young man? Does not the same sun’s rays light even this tired, old courtyard? Why do you have to stop here and interrupt our gathering of food and drink with your belated nonsense of a more beautiful day and a much greener gathering spot? We do happen to enjoy our tired, old courtyard! Now, move on, won’t you! Just move you on and keep your tired opinions to yourself! Stop spoiling our food and drink!”

“Old woman, I do think you misunderstand me!” The young man replied. “Did I ever suggest you should cease your constant gatherings in your tired, old courtyard? No. I know full well you and your companions could not live out a single month without a tired, old gathering in this courtyard. I would not take such a necessity from you; no more than I would withhold oxygen from your tired, old lungs.”

“Tell me then young man,” the woman mumbled between two heaping bites of mayonnaise drowned macaroni salad, “What then are you saying, young man?”

“I, um …” The young man begin to say something, but hesitated. The silence of an open mike silenced him on the spot. “Um … I really …”

Suddenly, from out of nowhere in particular, a pair of adorable blond ponytails attached to a small girl peddled through the crowd on a bicycle decorated with a thousand handlebar streamers and one obnoxious, little thumb-bell.

“Ch-Chwing … Ch-chwing… chwing” The small girl thumbed her bell as she parted the gathered crowd. “Chwing … Ch-chwing … Ch-chwing … Ch-chwing.”

“I know what the young man is saying,” said the small girl as she peddled through, ringing her thumb bell all the way. “The young man is just saying he enjoys gathering over there, while you all enjoy gathering right here. There is not much more to be said, really. Unless, of course, your choice of gathering spots depend so much more on the other’s … but neither of you would want to admit such a thing, I bet! Why your bitty-bitty, little meaning would shrivel up and die! It’s so funny how much you and your choice gathering spots need one another! Bye!

“Ch-Chwing … chwing… Ch-chwing” The small girl rang as she peddled off into the distance, leaving the young man and old woman silently behind.

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