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Written on January 26th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Abort73.com is a good resource for those who - like me - oppose abortion. This site actually provides testimony from women who have actually had abortions. The pain, anguish and guilt created by their decision to abort is tough, tough reading. Many can and should, however, learn from their experience. I thank God that these women are willing to share. I wish more women who actually have had an abortion would share their feelings on the matter. These testimonies not only declare an obvious and blatant human brokenness, but also speak of a God who forgives us all, no matter how far the distance we stray. These testimonies speak of a God who embraces individuals and reconstitutes & reinstitutes authentic relationship. Praise God we all have a Savior in Christ the Lord! Praise God!

2 Responses to “A Resource for People Opposing Abortion”

  1. Another resource is the Cemetery of Choice, which tells the stories of women who paid for their abortions with their lives. I blog each woman’s story on the anniversary of her death at the RealChoice blog.

    Is a dead fetus really something so wonderful it’s worth dying for?


  2. Thank you, Christina. Great resources, all of them. Your blog is great too. Keep on …

    Shawn Anthony

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