1000 Wells

Written on January 27th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

Bebo Norman is one of my favorite contemporary Christian artists. His music sort of reminds me of Caedmon’s Call, which is probably why they (Caedmon’s Call) took him on tour early on in his career. The tour launched his career, in a huge way. Ultimately, Bebo has a sound all his own, but there are hints of influences which can be found in other fantastic Christian artists and groups. So, comparisons like this are most sincere compliments. I love his music. Music like this makes my private devotional and personal worship times all the sweeter. I also love the Christian wisdom in following quote which was born as Bebo talked about his latest album, a work of art titled Between The Dreaming and The Coming True: “You can’t understand light unless you understand darkness, because that’s where life is most often lived … somewhere between the two. It’s messy and it’s beautiful all at the same time.” The quote is as awesome as it is true.

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