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The Lo-Fi Mint Version 2.0 Upgrade

I was going to wait & upgrade to Mint Version 2.0 later this week, but I actually just found $19.12 growing mold in my PayPal account. So, I thought I may as well spend the money if it is going to do nothing but lay there all commie-lazy and zero-interest-like (it turns out the $19.12 has actually been laying in there since early October!). So, to make an unnecessarily long story much shorter, I’ll just say this: Lo-Fi is Minty fresh, and sporting the new 2.0 Version style. I’m loving it too! Mint Version 2.0 is well worth the ridiculously reasonable upgrade price. So, get it and become addicted to stats gawking. Too, you will toss a bit of well deserved support toward a great independent developer, Shaun Inman.

The following are a few screens of what is unarguably the prettiest stats tool available today:

Mint Stats 1

Mint Stats 2

Mint Stats 3

Mint Stats 4

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