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Air: Another Wordpress 2.1 Theme

The Sublunary Series is slowly but surely expanding. Stone and Water are now joined by Air. I mentioned earlier that each theme in this series aesthetically reflects the name attributed to it in some form or fashion; be it by color, design, layout and/or my own graphic design imagination. Air follows suit. It’s kind of [...]

Water: A Wordpress 2.1 Theme

I have another new Wordpress 2.1 theme to add to what now seems to be developing into a new group or series of themes that I have appropriately tagged as my “Sublunary Series”. First came a theme called “Stone,” and now I add “Water” to the series. Each theme aesthetically reflects the name given to [...]

Stone: A Christian Wordpress Theme

I’m in the process of updating a few of my custom Wordpress themes for the uber slick and ultra shiny Wordpress 2.1. The really, really old themes in my make-shift catalogue will be discontinued, immediately. Some of my themes are too plugin dependent for the plug and play times in which we live and microwave. [...]

20 Christian Blogs You Should be Reading

Harmonyblog put up a list of 20 Christian Blogs You Should be Reading. You should read them, and regularly too! It is so, so awesome to see this sort of quality increase in the Christian/religious blogosphere. There are some really, really great blogs represented in this list. They all are unabashedly devoted to the Christian [...]

Lo-Fi Upgrade to Wordpress 2.1 Ella Complete!

The upgrade took a bit longer than expected, thanks to my wacky FTP client (Dreamweaver MX 2004), which decided to skip a few files and forced me to comb through the logs to find them and upload each one individually. No, it wasn’t much fun. At any rate, if this post does what it is [...]

Color Relations and Websites as Graphic Forms

I think color has much to do with presentation and representation. Color speaks volumes about what is going on beneath visible surfaces. Subconscious color choices can give us a deeper and discerning peek into attitudes, feelings and potential possibilities. Premeditated or conscious color choices can set the tone of our agenda and seriously influence present [...]

Tony Compolo’s Imagery and Story

Tony Compolo spoke a few times in chapel during my undergraduate studies in Theology at Valley Forge Christian College. His were some of the most exciting and moving sermons I have heard, to date. His visits were also normally accompanied by more than a little controversy and a bit of protest. There was, at one [...]

Dire Emergencies and Routine Visits

The pastor with Sovereign Grace Ministries in San Diego writes about being a student of our context and knowing people outside of Christ — not just by name, but by heart too! He uses sharp triage imagery to illustrate our need as ministers of the Gospel of Christ to distinguish between dire emergency and routine [...]

Theology In Popular Film: O Brother, Take Two

The second installment of a series of posts concerning movie theology comes to you again from the earthy and ever rational Everett (George Clooney) and a few of his more spiritually attuned traveling companions from the sure to be a classic, Joel Coen directed film O Brother, Where Art Thou?

NordicTrac as Practiced Christian Discipline

I’m so glad I finally found time to dedicate myself once again to what I would without hesitation refer to as a very, very important spiritual discipline. Why that classical Christian author and revered spiritualist Richard Foster never added a chapter concerning running (or exercise in general) to his famous Celebration of Discipline, I’ll never [...]