By Shawn Anthony

I am fascinated by trends, traffic and statistics. I think things like social networking and blogging trends are beyond interesting, especially as they concern this growing religious blogosphere of ours. It’s all fun.

I just fed a few of my favorite religious blogs into Alexa not only to see how things are going for each of them, but also to gauge how well my own blog has recovered from the complete delete I inflicted upon it a few months ago.

Alexa Traffic Stats

Ben, the writer behind Open Switch, is doing absolutely amazing! He has really taken to this medium and has succeeded in unimaginable ways. Kudos, brother!

I also entered Andrew’s TallSkinnyKiwi, who I respect and read daily. He’s doing quite well too.

I love Joe’s Evangelical Outpost too, obviously. Man, Joe’s blog has a traffic spike going on there the size of Everest! Get Religion’s spike is close, and very, very respectable in its own right, but still falls well short of the Outpost’s. Get Religion is another great religion blog, and a daily read o’ mine.

Overall, I think my own poor and abused weblog has recovered from the righteous cleansing I dealt it a few months back.

These are some of the best religion blogs in the sphere, so put ‘em in your feed readers! Have fun everyone! Keep up the great work!

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