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Emerging Gathering in Lancaster City

Not too long ago I announced plans to form an Emerging/Missional gathering in Lancaster City. Initially, I discovered the street interest in this project to be pretty high. In fact, interest was so high, I immediately put a foot to the brake pedal. I basically brought the whole thing to a slow & quiet halt. I had to shift down a few gears until I could get a better picture of what my denomination’s (Brethren in Christ) plans were/are for me after my fast approaching May graduation from seminary (M.Div). I did not want to get started with something that ends up somewhere outside of my denomination’s best intentions and plans for me and the larger Gospel ministry to which I am completely, completely dedicated. So, I basically parked it for a bit.

I have a better picture of my denomination’s plans at this point, but it is not a clear picture yet. This lack of 100% clarity is not a fault, but a part of the natural process. It’s good, healthy, and to be expected. I am going forward, however, with the Emerging gathering in Lancaster City, while remaining completely open to the denomination’s ultimate plans and wishes for me and my gifts. I will go forward and make necessary shifts as the need presents itself. I suppose this is really what it means to be an authentic Missional and/or Incarnational minister. A Missional and/or Incarnational minister sees and interprets the present - whatever & wherever that may be - as a ripe mission field and reacts accordingly and Biblically, from smack-dab in the middle of the moment in which he stands planted. So, I’m reacting in a missional and Incarnational way while remaining wide, wide open to the mature wisdom, strong leadership, and Biblical guidance of those individuals under whose authority God has placed me. Fluid is the word for this day.

So, if you were one of those who expressed a desire to participate in this gathering, send me a note. Also, look for more & updated information very, very soon! Peace to all.

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  1. Sounds interesting, Shawn. I look forward to hearing about your ministry. I’m continually excited that you’re a part of the BIC church!

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