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Me and My ESV TruTone Bible

I just snagged me an ESV TruTone (Brown/Cordovan Portfolio Design). What is ESV? ESV = English Standard Version. It is a translation of the Christian Bible. The philosophy of translation, according to the ESV site: “The ESV is an essentially literal translation that seeks as far as possible to capture the precise wording of the original text and the personal style of each Bible writer. As such, its emphasis is on “word-for-word” correspondence, at the same time taking into account differences of grammar, syntax, and idiom between current literary English and the original languages. Thus it seeks to be transparent to the original text, letting the reader see as directly as possible the structure and meaning of the original … As an essentially literal translation, then, the ESV seeks to carry over every possible nuance of meaning in the original words of Scripture into our own language. As such, it is ideally suited for in-depth study of the Bible. Indeed, with its emphasis on literary excellence, the ESV is equally suited for public reading and preaching, for private reading and reflection, for both academic and devotional study, and for Scripture memorization.” I really love this Bible.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the link, Bill! I look into Decker’s info. I really, really like the ESV. It’s my official translation now (if there is such a thing!). RSV is good too. I have a pretty worn NASB, so that hints to what my ESV is replacing. I do tend to stay away from dynamic equivalence and lean toward the literal (ESV).

  2. Bill Uhrich says:

    Hi Shawn,

    Here’s a good review of the ESV. I’ve found myself going to Rod Decker’s site pretty often and value his insights on the GNT.

    One point he makes, if I recall correctly, is that the ESV has as its basis the RSV, so it isn’t a completely new translation based on the original Greek and Hebrew. I still like to use the NASB for formal equivalence but also recently have had the ESV on my display view in Bibleworks just to check it out. The RSV is still my favorite and the one I go to for personal reading.

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