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Notes On Lancaster City Gathering

A few very basic but very loose organizational threads for the Saturday evening gathering in Lancaster City are being tied up. I’ll be busy for the next few days building a very basic foundation upon which a core group of us can start to meet, communicate, interact, and grow.

I also have to secure the meeting space. I don’t expect to bump up against any serious obstacles at this point. So, all should go smoothly and quickly, for now. As soon as these basic organizational threads are tied up the group will start to form as relationships already established move toward next stages. In the meantime, a few very necessary changes to the original program idea (formerly known as Praxis) will be introduced. A few of these necessary program changes will be pretty major (e.g., a project name and methodological change). I’ll explain more about these specifics when the time to do so is right. ‘Till then, a little symbolic hint is the best I can do! See the graphic below! Blessings!

Green Graphic

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