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Written on February 20th, 2007 by Shawn Anthony

My PC’s hard drive self-destructed late last night. It literally grenaded a few seconds after my wife and I finished our church planter’s assessment drafts. No, we didn’t have time to back any of it up. The primary drive failed as my wife was saving her brief biographical draft. So, we lost all of it. We were busy today - all day - just trying to get our technology back up and running. All is running smooth here again and we will begin re-writing in the morning. Technology is good, most of the time. It’s not so good when the hard drive blows up. But, I did manage to find this great resource on hard drive failure. Good data recovery company, as well.

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  1. Sorry to hear about that! Have you checked out Carbonite or any of the other online backup systems? Carbonite is what I use and it is $5 a month to automatically save your stuff. If your system blows, you can restore to another PC. Good luck with the recovery…


  2. Yeah, I use Joyent’s Strongspace (20.0 GiB of Strongsapce came packaged with my lifetime Mixed-Grill TextDrive account). So, I have it forever, or as long as there is a Joyent, and a Shawn to use it. I just didn’t have time to back up these particular documents. They were pretty important docs too. Ah well, such is life. Thanks for the suggestions though! :)

    Shawn Anthony

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