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Family Intentionality and Everyday Responsibility

My wife and I are very much aware of the meaning of “busy”. We are in that phase of life wherein a whole lot of building takes place. We are young parents of three robust, demanding, and increasingly needy children. My wife and I are trying to become self-fulfilled too, via our individual careers and educational pursuits. We have household responsibilities and family economics to deal with as well. Life is at its busiest at the moment. It’s not going to get any less busy any time soon! That’s just the way it is! We do realize we have to be very intentional as regards recreational family time and intentional and shared intimate moments. This will require the sort of house discipline that forces one to unplug the phone during table dinner times; completely black out Saturdays on the family calendar; and not schedule business over very important life/family occasions. Yes, intentionality is the keyword. Intentional ministry begins at home, in the family center. If I build a church of 10,000 and loose my family I am nothing but a clanging piece of tin. I will build that church, because I am called to do so, but I’ll build my family too, alongside of it, because that’s part of the calling too! Intentionality is as much a part of ministry as worship. Intentionality of this sort is, in fact, worship. So, it is with gratitude laden hearts that we worship and care for what God has so lovingly gifted us with – our family center. It is a lot of responsibility, but the most precious things God gives us in this life are saturated with tons of responsibility.

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