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Second Station: The Cross is Laid Upon Him

The abuse of Jesus began long before his actual crucifixion. The abuse, according to the Synoptic Gospels, actually begins with the Council (i.e., high priest, chief priests, elders, and scribes), and their mocking, spitting, blindfolding, taunting, and punching. Jesus was then delivered to Pilate for further mistreatment before he was carted off to Herod and finally shipped back to Pilate where he became the recipient of a serious scourging.

Roman flogging was brutal and often resulted in the death of the individual. The practice was used in the attempt to speed up the end-result of crucifixion.

The awful tool used in floggings was called “Flagrum,” or “Flagellum.” A scourging performed with this disgusting and cruel device usually resulted in an open flaying of a human being, literally. The two or three leather thongs hanging from the flagrum were knotted with shards of metal or bone which would wrap around a person, sink deep, and then rip away flesh, muscle, and bone as it was mercilessly yanked back toward the scourger. This process was repeated - over and over and over. Deep contusions, severe lacerations, and excessive hemorrhaging was the expected result. The victim would leave such a terrible event seriously weakened, almost dead.

Jesus was weak before he even was scourged. His condition grew grave after being introduced to the flagrum.

The cross was laid upon him, but would he have the strength to haul it? Time would tell, and soon.

Artwork Used By Permission & Credit: Gwyneth Leech

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