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Rereading and Reading Rob Bell

I’ve been paging through Rob Bell’s Velvet Elvis again (Sex God is on my bookshelf, and next). First of all, for those who don’t know, the book is great; love it. There are many, many snippets of wisdom in it. One of my favorites: “Is the greatest truth about Adam and Eve and the fruit that it happened, or that it happens? This story, one of the first in the Bible, is true for us because it is our story. We have all taken the fruit. We have all crossed boundaries. We have all made decisions to do things our way and then looked back and said to ourselves, What was I thinking?” The book is full of great thoughts like this … Bell is a must read.

4 Responses to “Rereading and Reading Rob Bell”

  1. Shawn says:

    Thank you for the invitation, Michael! I’ll drop by soon.

  2. Michael Krahn says:


    I am blogging my way through “Velvet Elvis” over at

    We’re probably going to disagree about a few things there but I’d love your input. I’m asking a lot of questions about the book… NOT labeling Rob a heretic but finding myself disagreeing a fair bit.

    You are welcome to join me in conversation there.

  3. Shawn says:

    Hey Wess! Bell is awesome. Where exactly are you digging up these podcasts? I’ve been reading his books, and watching the NOOMA clips (which are amazing!). Doe she have an online space too?

    Good to hear from you man. :)

  4. I too love Bell’s stuff, I’ve been really getting into listening to his podcasts lately. There are about 4 great ones on peacemaking from this past fall you should check out if you haven’t heard them yet.

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