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Birthday Bowling with Family and Friends

We just celebrated our son’s birthday with a family and friend outing to the local bowling alley! He and a bunch of his friends spent an afternoon on pizza, cake, soda, gift exchanges, funny shoes, and, of course, lots of bumper bowling. My son looked like he was going to be the afternoon’s high score winner with a 117, but his little sister actually came from behind to take top honors with a 119. It was a great day of celebration and lots of unhealthy foods kids love. Kids love bowling parties!

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  1. Loni Says:

    hi bigg borther!!!! wad up? hopefully yall havein fun out there!!! mumz not home but i no she’ll wanna say hi 2 u, colleen, & da kidz!!! well, i hope u w/b soon!!!!

    LUV YA!
    Ur lil sista,
    (Mikey sayz hi 2!!!)

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