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Blog Law Re: Liberal and Conservative Labels

Blog Law: Hear ye, hear ye! From this point forward, I will no longer be discussing Christianity in terms of American Liberalism and/or Conservativism. I’m sick of the false dichotomy and limited choices facilitated by such unhealthy blue/red conversation(s). I’m done. I’m going somewhere beyond it all. It’s all so tired anyway. Please, for the love of all that is good, let it nap. It’s all Gospel here, from this point forward. Missional. Incarnational. Contextual. Relevant. Life-Changing. I’m neither liberal, nor conservative. I am a Spirit-filled minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ … living life and mission smack dab in the middle of postmodernism.

3 Responses to “Blog Law Re: Liberal and Conservative Labels”

  1. tom says:

    well, what about this everclear song, “jesus was a democrat.” Everclear decided that they are going to mix church and state. frankly, i think the song is horrible, and that everclear needs to go back to the 1990s where they were horrible before this song. what a joke!

  2. Sarah Palan claims the Iraq war was Gods will. She is right! The Bible predicts Iraq is to be freed by eagles wings in the end times. Grab your Bible and follow along with the video which takes you through scripture and hard evidence that will blow your mind.

  3. Christian conservatives,
    I am currently putting together a group of christians to assist me with
    a national news story. A publishing organization affiliated with Salem
    communications has recently published their official press release which
    openly declares my biblical discovery to the public.

    This web sight can provide enough evidence for you to investigate the
    validity of my claim. I recently published this discovery which opens up
    a chain of clues dealing with King Nebuchadnezzar’s repentance
    process as recorded in Daniel chapter four. This recorded event resulted
    in God blessing Nebuchadnezzar and his ancient land located today in
    Iraq. That particular blessing involved future promises of freedom in the
    end times through great eagle’s wings. The eagle today is certainly
    the symbol of the United states currently bringing this freedom to Iraq
    as predicted in the Bible.

    I am contacting people who represent different denominations who can
    understand and explain type and shadow prophecies.. I am confident
    that a common continuity of opinion by such persons can validate my
    discovery to media sources as a worthy news story. This requires a non
    denominational approach to succeed.

    The interest factor for the media would be common agreement upon a
    specific biblical interpretation coming from differing faiths who agree
    upon a sound interpretation concerning one of the most important issues
    for this coming election about Iraq. As you know religion has become a
    central issue for presidential candidates opening up a rare opportunity
    to promote the importance of God and moral issues.

    Some of the top conservative sights in America currently have my video
    presentation posted and available for public view. You may view my video on
    the Rush Limbaugh’s official myspace page. You may view it on Laura
    Ingrams page as well as numerous other conservative sights and blogs.

    President Bush also has a sight on myspace. Each individual submission
    into the sight must be examined and carefully qualified before being posted
    publically on the sight. My video was approved yesterday and is posted
    where it can now be seen on the President Bush sight.

    The Iraq war will be of major political interest during the election. This is
    rather timely and important. This may be a way for you and others to gain
    national recognition by helping us unite christian denominations during a
    critical election year. This is also a chance for people of faith to show our
    troops a united support for their mission as one christian voice. If you are
    interested please feel free to view our video and test my biblical claims.
    Please call concerning any and all questions. Looking forward to hearing
    from you soon.

    Author Paul Gregersen

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