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The Anabaptist Approach and Expressed Uniqueness

The Anabaptist approach to the Bible is historically Christocentric, and staunchly so. Christocentrism is still the hermeneutic of choice. I believe this dedication to Christocentrism has everything to do with the expression’s uniqueness. Anabaptism is different from Catholicism and most Protestant expressions. Too, Anabaptism seems to me to be a much “fuller” expression of that toward which contemporary Evangelicalism merely points, especially in this present USAmerican context of very, very tired red & blue religious discussion(s). There is an alternative! Anabaptism! Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, Brethren in Christ (my pond), and Hutterites carry on the historical tradition of trekking toward something, or someplace, well beyond Christendom, and for good reason too. There is something incredibly sacred there …

You can dig deeper into this faith tradition online at the Anabaptist Network. There you can find a few fantastic online introductory videos re: Anabaptist theology and praxis.¹ The DVD series is titled: Rediscovering Anabaptism. Subchapter titles include: A Heart for the Poor, Building Peace and Justice, Church after Christendom, Church and Power, Community, Discipleship, First Anabaptist Church in England, Mission, Reading the Bible, Shalom and the End of Christendom, and Urban Church Planting.

¹Incidentally, I can’t help but see more than a few natural connections between Anabaptism and the Emerging Conversation, at least as concerns praxis. Anabaptists have always considered “the walk” (i.e., discipleship) to be as important as the salvation itself. They quickly discarded the idea of salvation by grace alone. Obedience to Jesus Christ was and still is everything in this tradition. Discipleship. Praxis. All of it is Christianity. A Christian life void of praxis is barely Christian, if it is at all.

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  1. No problem, Pat! I hope they are useful. Someone put a lot of work into them.

  2. Thanks for the link to the AN videos! I hadn’t seen those. Super.

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