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InTransit: A Small Group Resource by Threads

I will soon be reviewing what looks to be ‘a must have’ small group leader resource called ‘InTransit’ from LifeWay’s new young adult imprint, Threads. You can bet that I’ll be diving into the kit - which includes a member book, DVD, and CD - as soon as it arrives at my front door! ‘Till then, a little bit of info from the Threads site will have to do!

Here’s the quick & official run down re: the resources available:

Tired of Waiting? InTransit by Mike Harder: Do you ever feel like you are waiting for real life to begin? InTransit looks at three truths about waiting as it traces the lives of David, Jesus, and Joseph—who were promised great things concerning their lives and waited, sometimes painfully, to see God’s promises come to pass.

Material, Media & Other Stuff: The Leader Kit is designed specifically to help small group leaders create a close-knit community among their group as they delve deeper into three truths about waiting. The Leader Kit contains a Member Book, an enhanced CD-ROM and a DVD. Note: Participants in a small group using this curriculum need only by the Member Book, not the Leader Kit, unless they are the actual leaders, then … well, you get it, right? Right.

Online Sneaks, Samples & Thrilling Live Action Photos: YouTube Video for InTransit & Threads Flickr Page.

So, watch for my official review coming soon!

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