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Adventures in Alternative Worship

This morning, I took in Jonny Baker’s Adventures in Alternative Worship at Hempfield United Methodist. I regret my week’s time requirements, as they forced me to limit my participation to the 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM block of the presentation. The presentation in its entirety is scheduled to run ’till 3:00 PM, with a one hour break for lunch. So, unfortunately, I’m forced to miss the afternoon session.

I do have, however, a bit to say about the morning session, which I thought was absolutely fantastic.

I think this was the best worship session and/or presentation I have encountered in three years of seminary study (yes, those three years do include worship classes!). I was thoroughly impressed, edified, renewed, and encouraged by the sort of worship style(s), expression(s) and dedication(s) inherent to Emerging and/or Alternative Worship movements. Jonny Baker introduced a lot of people here to worship as broad art and expression in a very, very intentional way. The guy is a class act … and he put together a solid presentation too! It was simply awesome.

Grab his book for more information!

I’ll have more to say re: the morning’s events as time permits! ‘Till then … peace and blessings.

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