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The Week’s Must Read Blog Posts 03272007

The So-Called EFD: “I’m reading it all over the web, I’m hearing it from individuals, and I’ve read it in a few books. I call it the ‘Emergent False Dichotomy.’ Here’s the accusation: the emerging movement, especially its writers and leaders, constantly use false dichotomies. Is that so? Let’s take a closer look.”

Naming, Unmasking and Engaging the Powers - Part IX: “In our city the powers are at work. There are many people who are considering going on strike, fighting for fair wages. What powers are behind the war in Iraq? It takes a lot of spiritual discernment to name and unmask the powers, but it is something we should try to do, for the invisible powers are at work all around us, even in the church.”

Praying for Godspell “Today I have a little prayer request for you. Members of my church know that tonight our youth ministry is putting on a production of the musical Godspell … Godspell is based on the Book of Matthew, it is a powerful depiction of Christ’s love and atoning death and resurrection. And many unbelievers will be present.”

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