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A Holy Blur of Sacred and Secular

There is no divide between sacred and secular in Emerging-Missional worship. All of life is considered to be sacred. Emerging-Missional worship is dedicated to sacralization. “Sacralization, the process of making all of life sacred, represents the interaction of kingdom and culture. Emerging churches tear down the church practices that foster a secular mind-set, namely, that there are secular spaces, times or activities. To emerging churches, all of life must be made sacred” (Gibbs 66).

Sacralization is a very, very important aspect of the emerging-missional lifestyle. In fact, it just may prove to be the unique characteristic that distinguishes emerging churches from other flexible but non-emerging movements (i.e., seeker sensitive churches that incorporate, say, secular music in worship but retain clear and sharp divisions as concerns secular and sacred sensibilities). Emerging-Missional worship extends far beyond the corporate gathering on Sunday morning. It is a lifestyle.

The lifestyle is not at all conducive to secular and sacred distinctions. Again, all life is sacred, or is open to potential sacralization. This dedication blurs Modernity’s sacred and secular lines in an seriously uncomfortable fashion, at least for those who prefer the drawn lines. Emerging-Missional worshipers are, however, quite comfortable with the blur, as indicated by the sentiments of Ben Edson of Sanctus1 (Manchester, U.K.): “We try to create bridges that span the secular/sacred divide because we don’t make that distinction. We use secular music in worship as well as film and literature. I hope they are points of connection between people’s everyday lives and their faith” (Ibid. 68).

Gibbs, Eddie and Ryan K. Bolger. “Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Cultures.” Grand Rapids: Baker Academics, 2005.

3 Responses to “A Holy Blur of Sacred and Secular”

  1. I’m definitely more Emergent than I previously thought…

    LOL! Me too … Imagine my surprise!

  2. [...] Shawn writes in his post: A Holy Blur of Sacred and Secular I refuse to dichotomize ’sacred’ and ’secular’. We are to make everything [...]

  3. Ben G. Says:

    I’ve been saying this for years, ever since college. I refuse to accept the old-school notion that there is such a dichotomy as ’sacred’ and ’secular’. I completely agree with you on this. I’m definitely more Emergent than I previously thought ;)

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