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Redesign, Readability and Craft Standards

If you feed-read, exclusively, then you probably missed all of the action-packed redesign efforts manifesting around here lately. I have been busy changing, tweaking, and realigning, between all of my seminary requirements. I think I am finished with this version of lofitribe now. I have spent the last three days seriously working on readability improvements (i.e., typography). No, I’m certainly no expert on the subject of web typography, by any stretch of the imagination. I am creeping toward novice, actually. I do think, however, that things ’round here read better than ever before. I’ll simply finish with this: Typography is beyond important if you are aiming at quality standards as concerns your site’s readability. I recently learned as much, and I am still learning it.

Note: IE 6 & 7 play nice with my weblog now.

2 Responses to “Redesign, Readability and Craft Standards”

  1. Thanks Ben G! Actually, I agree re: the background. It actually affected the readability of the blog. I think it was the different color splashes. The darker background actually makes the foreground text easier to read … don’t ask me why!

    Thanks for the input. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated, Ben.

  2. Ben g. Says:

    I dig it. Love the sidebar titles. and I like the solid background better than the previous one, FWIW.

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