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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Blogging on April 03rd, 2007

Monday Morning Medicine: “Do you remember Jacob? I love how John Orberg tells the story of Jacob. Consider Jacob. He was no spiritual giant. His dad never cared for him much because, according to the Meyers-Briggs, he had an INFP temperament and liked to hang around indoors.”

Letters to Emerging Christians: “One one day last week I got two letters that asked the same basic question: How can grass-roots Christian pastors and leaders participate in the emerging movement today without being accused of heresy and have their integrity — moral and theological — called into question?”

Political Salvation: “Apparently, an art student in Chicago is causing a stir. The student–David Cordero–sculpted Barack Obama with Jesus-sash and blue halo.”

New ESV Bible Seeks to Reach the Lost: “It features the complete New Testament and Psalm 23. It comes prepackaged in a large crate to protect it in cargo parachute drops. And what an odd logo on the front?!? Even the ISBN appears strange (4815162342).” Please Note: Satire Alert!

March 29th Meditation: “Sometimes I wonder if perseverance is futile. To persevere almost feels like abuse, like a kind of abuse that one (or a community) inflicts upon themselves. Giving up is the temptation.”

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