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The Hypography space here at lofitribe is the place where I stash my links to great Christian weblogs. I stumble onto some of these while journeying ’round the blogosphere; others are introduced to me; most are online ‘friends’. I put really good links in here, so check them out and watch them evolve!

These are the newest additions to Hypography:

1. Unspace 2. Dream Awakener 3. Jason Clark 4. Nick Vujicic

Send me your link if you want to be listed on my Hypography page! Too, feel free to introduce yourself; I love finding new blogs.

7 Responses to “Hypography Addendum 04082007”

  1. Thanks.You’re up on mine as well. Should have been sooner.

    Happy Easter! He is risen!

    (I really should have done a post today about the differences in the Gospel accounts of the resurrection. As a paramedic, who often heard wildly diverging descriptions of far less significant events, the different versions of the resurrection narrative are very, very familiar! Then again, I didn’t wind up in the hospital this year, so I’ll take it.)


  2. Happy Easter too you too, Rob! He is Risen, indeed. A missed hospital stay this year is a good thing too!

    Shawn Anthony

  3. I’d love to be added to your list… but since I just added you to mine (along with 20 others), it’ll be a while before I get around to reading through those.

    Be sure and mention them again, so I don’t forget! :)


  4. Hey Kyle! I’ll add you later this evening! thanks for stopping by!

    Shawn Anthony

  5. Kyle - I didn’t forget, just had an extra long night. I’ll add you asap! Peace.


  6. Wow. I didn’t actually expect you to just add me like that. I figured I’d get some probationary period or something… :)


  7. Nah, it doesn’t take long to figure out if a blog is quality stock or not. Anyone who says so is being a bit disingenuous, IMHO.

    Shawn Anthony

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