Published: April 12th, 2007 » Tags: Blogging

Theologians Start with Questions and Need Humility: It often seems like the humility part is the hardest to come by. For me I like being creative with questions, finding the ‘radical’ questions intrigue, I guess that’s why I am studying the stuff I am, but the humility part … well that’s not so easy.”

Free Online Seminary: “If you fear the sunlight and the possibility of social interaction, you might be interested in Gordon-Conwell’s new offer. They are offering a free online layman’s seminary called Dimensions of the Faith. The classes are self-paced via streaming audio via RealPlayer with an accompanying study guide.”

Wow. I Should Repent Now, I Guess: “I’m glad this guy doesn’t allow comments on his site. Somehow our humble Twin Cities Emergent Cohort has come under the grumpy scrutiny …”

Vote Now for the PTS Logo Submissions: “There are 22 different entries you can vote for. You are allowed one vote for the People’s Choice Award. The winner will receive a $10 iTunes Gift Card. Please leave a comment on the entry with the number of the logo you like.”

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