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How to Save Hands and Mind from Pocket Loss

Seminary is over. I’m waiting to hear from denominational leaders re: the specifics of our church planting venture. So, I’m consequently privileged with the task of finding a creative way to spend a few anxious days of free down-time.

So, rather than sitting around with hands and mind lost in pocket, I thought I’d take advantage of my sudden emancipation from required reading lists and classroom to-do’s and actually check a few works off of my perpetually patient and growing “need to read list.” I’ll begin with the following two: Deconstruction in a Nutshell: A conversation with Jacques Derrida and Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture. Yes, I’m officially camping happy! Schedules are dead! Long live schedules!

Too, I am ferociously working to put the final framework for Inner Metro Green on the ground before calling the initial core group together for mash-ups (the call is coming very, very soon!). BTW: I redesigned the official Inner Metro Green site! Do drop me a line with thoughts and suggestions (or bug fixes!). Too, if you are interested in participating in the IMG Core Group drop me a note.

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