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Hypography Addendum 05052007

The Hypography space here at lofitribe is the place where links to great Christian weblogs are stashed. These are the newest additions to Lo-Fi Hypography:

1. Semper Reformanda 2. Dan Morehead 3. Daily Prayer Pal 4. Neumatikos 5. Mcilweb

Send me your link if you want to be listed on my Hypography page! Too, feel free to introduce yourself; I love finding new blogs.

3 Responses to “Hypography Addendum 05052007”

  1. Thom Stark says:

    Well, I’m slow. But thanks for the link, Shawn.

  2. Thanks, Dan. I’m glad to be done. I’m also glad to link you. your blog is awesome. Fascinating. Well done.

  3. Dan Morehead says:

    Thanks for the link, brother. Congrats on finishing up with seminary!

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