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The Week’s Must Read Blog Posts 05082007

Anabaptism and the Emerging Church: “Anabaptist and the emerging church. Horse and carriage? Chicken and egg? Chalk and cheese? It has been suggested by some (Carson, McKnight, Williams) that the emerging church in USA gravitates towards and resembles the early Anabaptist movement.”

Emerging Peace Church Movement & the Open Anabaptist Impulse: “Scot McKnight has said, ‘the sort of evangelicalism the Emerging Church Movement is striving for is anabaptist.’ Anna who?! Many know I spend a lot of my time teaching, preaching, ranting and running workshops about eco-justice and confrontational nonviolence, as integral to an engaged gospel spirituality.”

Bible Kombat: “Bible Fight, a Mortal Kombat-style battle game featuring famous Bible characters like Noah, Eve, and (if you use a cheat code) God Himself.”

New Urbanism And Sidewalks In The Kingdom: “The idea that space and location does something to us as people made in the image of God should be something that immediately resonates with our theology of city … For those of you in Urban Missions I’d love to hear your thoughts on New Urbanism and the role we as Kingdom minded Christians should play in relation to it.”

Selling Church to the World: “People aren’t stupid. They can see, better than most of us can, that the whole church thing is twisted. And they also see how closely we associate church with God/Jesus. They realize that the two are inseparable to us. We bring shame over and over again to Jesus by glorifying this manmade (sic) religious institution and all of its faults and foibles.”

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  1. Thanks, Jarrod! I’m always interested in what Wess is saying over @ Gathering in Light. Too, I deeply appreciate all you have said re: “Open Anabaptism!” Great work …

  2. great link to anabaptism and emerging church here:

    thought you’d be interested.
    grace and peace,

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