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A Member of The Ooze Select Book Blogger Network

I was invited to join a group of bloggers collectively known as “The Ooze Select Book Blogger Network.” The Ooze, in case you are curious, was born sometime in 1998 somewhere on the third floor of Spencer Burke’s garage. The Ooze is one of the earliest “postmodern” online Christian communities that I can recall. I vividly remember registering for Ooze membership during my undergraduate studies in theology @ VFCC. Good times …

At any rate, the Book Blogger network is composed of 50 alternative Christian voices. The official e-mail sums it up like this: “What is Ooze Select? A network of 50 blog voices who are the most recognized and respected for being honest, vibrant voices in what I call the ‘alternative Christian blogosphere’ - people who consistently write thoughtfully, readably, and prophetically from the nexus of Christ and culture. In my book, you are definitely one of these top 50.”

The 50 will be sent theology, spirituality, practical living, art, and literature books from major publishers for review on our blogs.

That’s awesome. Thank you! I’m grateful, humbled, and excited to be invited to join this network. Too, I love the whole idea of pilot programs between select publishers and emerging media (bloggers). So, I’ll be engaging this wonderful project with much excitement and zeal, as usual.

I’ll be diving into the first batch of titles received quickly. These titles are: “Yup. Nope. Maybe: A Woman’s Guide to Getting More Out of the Language of Men,” “Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat: A Man’s Guide to the Loaded Questions Women Ask,” and “Static: Tune Out the Christian Noise and Experience the Real Message of Jesus.” Again, I’ll be reading these books very, very soon. So, do watch for the reviews!

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