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Life Way In Transit

Tagged Christianity on May 25th, 2007

Shane Claiborne Shane Claiborne on the importance of community, consumerism and authentic relationships: “That’s the exciting thing - there’s a whole generation of people that are really longing for community and are actually pretty suspicious of mega-anything. In an era of super-sized fries, houses and SUVs, there are a lot of people that are going, ‘I think we can gain the whole world and lose our soul.’ I think we can have this dream that we’ve been taught - of independence. But we really find out that it only leads to loneliness, and Jesus is not teaching independence. He’s teaching inter-dependence; He’s teaching community, and that we need each other.” Read the whole interview w/ Shane @ Relevant Magazine.

2 Responses to “Shane Claiborne on Super-sized & Mega-everything”

  1. There was a massive fire in the Kensington area of Philly last night. It appears that one of the houses in the Simple Way (the one shane was living in)was burned. I am sure they could use our prayers right now. I am posting all the info (including video) I can on my site - http://joblessminister.typepad.com


  2. Thanks for the unfortunate information, Mike. We will be praying for The Simple Way, Shane, and all others involved.

    Shawn Anthony

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