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A Not So Random Life and Ministry Update 07172007

Rest is a good thing. I finished preaching two services this past Sunday at Manor Church, then took a break on Monday. It was a needed one. I was wiped out. I’m recharged and ready to get back to work! God is so good.

Things have been quiet on the blog front for the past week or so as I prepared for two Sunday services and simultaneously took care of our church plant requirements in the city. It is amazing how things have tracked since my graduation from seminary in May. I’m reading more - and broader - than ever before, thanks to a happy and total lack of what I now consider to be extracurricular academic requirements (papers, reflections, exams, etc., etc.) Still, I feel very surprised at the obvious lack of actual writing time I am experiencing at present. I’m sure this will slowly change as the burgeoning church plant develops and matures into a healthy, thriving body of believers. I’m enjoying this time of real-time foundational work and mission in the city. It is probably the most substantial thing I have ever done. It’s amazing. It’s good. It’s busy, but very, very good.

There were a few questions after the second service at Manor Church. I’ll be honest: the handshaking and greeting times directly following a service & sermon are not great times to engage heavy theological and/or philosophical questions. It is especially difficult when the persons inquiring are occupying the second and third position in a line of smiling, happy people ten or twelve faces deep. So, forgive me if you were one of those who heard: “I’d love to engage this with you, but right now is probably not the best time to tackle such a big question.” If you do have a question, and you found your way here, to this blog, then feel absolutely free to ask it! We have all the time in the world to engage it in a deep and meaningful way. Thanks so much for understanding!

A note for those who might be interested: The sermon I delivered at Manor Church will soon be available for download at the Inner Metro Green website.

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