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A Christian Digg Sort of Direction for Scribe

I’m broadening the scope and direction of The Daily Scribe a bit. I’m heading in the direction of a Christian Digg sort of thing (thank you Pligg!). Christian news, articles, opinions, and editorials are the new focus. A few hand-picked blog feeds are being exclusively syndicated by your your friendly neighborhood Scribe Bot too. So, check it out and add your news!

3 Responses to “A Christian Digg Sort of Direction for Scribe”

  1. Troy Taft Says:

    This site is a Christian alternative to Digg. You add voting to your stories by a putting an “Amen!” icon or link on the page. The Amen Me! Web Site

  2. Thanks, Nick. Yeah, I think it is full of potential. I still have to work some things out, but you can get the basic idea right now. I really need to figure out the right command line to run cron on Media Temple’s gs, so blog feeds update automatically. I can;t figure it out for the life of me.

  3. nick Says:

    Dude, this is really cool. I am so glad you went this direction, this is another untapped resource Christian bloggers can take full advantage of. Awesome.

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