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Tribal Splash

A Very Brief Biographical Sketch

Shawn Anthony

Theologically, I swim in the happy confluence created by the merging waters of a classic Brethren in Christ expression (i.e., Anabaptism, Wesleyanism, and Pietism). I began my Christian journey in the BIC. My conversion and baptism were events rooted in the relationship I shared with a pious old BIC pastor who prayed for and with me over an extended period of time. In fact, this BIC pastor baptized me in a local creek. I'm an unabashed Evangelical Anabaptist with a strong holiness expression founded upon the conversion experience available to all in Christ Jesus. So, the BIC is the perfect place, theologically speaking.

Abstract Monikers and a Bit of Virtual Duct Tape

You may be wondering what in the world the name "Lo-Fi Tribe" is supposed to mean. Well, let's do some weblog etymology, shall we?

1. "Lo-Fi" : from "Low Fidelity" describes a sound recording which contains accidental artifacts, like distortion, or environmental noise, or a recording which has a limited frequency response. This stands in contrast to high fidelity or "hi-fi". (tip: Wikipedia)

Life itself is lived in "Lo-Fi." Our individual daily journeys are laden with "accidental artifacts, distortion, and environmental noise," metaphorically speaking. Our lives can be likened to living recordings desperately trying to escape the obvious but inescapable confines of a spitefully natural limited frequency response (our wires are frayed, to say the least). All of this noise distracts us from the call of Jesus Christ. Yet, in the midst of all the background noise, the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be heard and embraced.

2. "Tribe" : Humanity and the human condition. Yes, like it or not, we are all living this life together. We are immutably inter-connected as a species, people, and global, or macro-tribe. My Tribe lives in the realm Jesus pointed toward: the Kingdom of God, or KOG for those who like crazy sounding acronyms.

Thus the weblog name: "Lo-Fi Tribe." The subject matter, style, and thematic thrust of this blog all stem from the name given to it and its meaning.